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Title: Victim of credit card fraud? Asking for reimbursement according to the ABF.  

ABSTRACT: According to the Italian Banking and Financial Arbitrator (ABF), in cases of fraudulent use of a credit card, the claim for reimbursement of the unauthorized payment transactions should be made against the card-issuing bank.   In its recent decision No. 10118 of July 4, 2022, the Banking and Financial Arbitrator ruled on a dispute...

The true ‘power’ of the decision of Italy’s financial disputes arbitrator

This article follows judgment No 3654, issued by the Court of Rome on 8 March 2022. The article focuses on the uncertain and still controversial legal nature of the decisions issued by the Arbitro delle Controversie Finanziarie (ADR), an alternative dispute resolution instrument that is specific and peculiar to Italian law. Introduction The Arbitro per le Controversie...

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